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Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016


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Report Synopsis

Welcome to our Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016. This annual report is a leading resource for understanding financing for humanitarian crises globally. Following the new Sustainable Development Goals and World Humanitarian Summit, our report this year begins to set a baseline for measuring progress on the implementation of global commitments to invest in humanity in the years to come.

This report navigates through an increasingly diverse and complex picture on financing, looking in detail at where resources are coming from, where they are going to, and how they get there.

Navigate our key findings via the infographic above and our chart pack or download the full report or executive summary.

Key charts:

Section 5 of our infographic (slide 9) was updated on 3 June 2016

Download the full report

Download the full report

Download the executive summary
Download Chapter 1: People
Download Chapter 2: Context
Download Chapter 3: International Humanitarian Assistance
Download Chapter 4: Donors
Download Chapter 5: Location
Download Chapter 6: Delivery
Download Chapter 7: Effectiveness
Download Chapter 8: Methodology and definitions

Download Chapter 1 data
Download Chapter 2 data
Download Chapter 3 data
Download Chapter 4 data
Download Chapter 5 data
Download Chapter 6 data
Download Chapter 7 data

Chapters 3, 6 and 8 and the Executive Summary were updated on 7 July 2016.


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Total international humanitarian assistance last year reached a record $28bn, yet funding requested by the United Nations via coordinated appeals experienced an unprecedented shortfall of 45%

Report Breakdown

Chapter 1: People
Chapter 2: Context
Chapter 3: International Humanitarian Assistance
Chapter 4: Donors
Chapter 5: Location
Chapter 6: Delivery
Chapter 7: Effectiveness
Chapter 8: Methodology and definitions