Pakistan floods, #2

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The disappointing donor response to the UN Flash appeal for the Pakistan floods continues into the third week of the appeal. The appeal has received just US$58 milion, 16% of the total US$357 million required making the Pakistan flash appeal the poorest funded against requirements of all UN appeals at present.

The stark contrast with funding to the 2010 Pakistan floods appeal continues.

Just seven government donors have so far reported funding contributions to the OCHA Financial Tracking service, and almost a third of the funds received so far within the appeal have been provided via the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund.

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  1. Lydia Poole says:

    Approaching week five of the Pakistan floods appeal and funding levels have reached US$79 million, 22% of requirements – still the worst funded appeal in the UN’s consolidated appeal.

    Revised figures and versions of the above graphs can be found here:

    21/10/2011 2:57 pm

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