Shifting structures, changing trends: non-DAC donors and humanitarian aid

Uploaded: 13/07/2011 Author: Kerry Smith


This report analyses the changing patterns in non-DAC donor development and humanitarian financing, focusing specifically on the key players and the changing trends in delivery and recipient allocation. It attempts to go beyond the numbers by providing some context to the data to try and understand why these government donors allocate humanitarian aid in the way that they do and the influencing factors. Finally, it looks at the various levels of non-DAC donor reporting and the transparency of the aid information available.

The report can be found here and the accompanying data is available in excel here.

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About the author:
Kerry Smith

Kerry joined Development Initiatives (DI) in 2007 and currently manages our Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) programme and DFID’s Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) to ensure the effective management of core deliverables. In 2013 she coordinated and co-authored the annual publication of the GHA report with considerable analytical contributions between 2009 and 2012.

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