Horn of Africa crisis: how much are affected people receiving?

Uploaded: 17/08/2011 Author: Alexandra Spencer

Scale of Needs
Children playing in Dadaab, Northern Kenya (Image credit: UK Department for International Development)

I’ve quickly put together some figures on how much funding was contributed to major recent humanitarian crises using data on funding reported to the crisis to the UN OCHA Financial Tracking Service (FTS) – that includes funding inside and outside of any UN appeal – and the total number of affected people recorded by the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters.

For the Horn of Africa crisis I’ve used the number of affected people reported by UN OCHA and total funding reported by UN OCHA to the appeals in Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia as of 17th August 2011. This is a slightly different parameter for measuring funding than the other crises however, these were pre-existing funding appeals which included a wide range of funding requirements not related to the food crisis, so these figures already over-represent funding to the crisis, which I was reluctant to expand further by including funding outside the appeals.

The crisis is of course still unfolding and funds still arriving, but so far an affected person in the Horn of Africa has received slightly more than an affected person in Pakistan did last year, and US$833 less than people affected by the earthquake in Haiti last year. You can also see these figures in a many eyes visualisation.

If we were able to separate out funds specifically for the food crisis from other humanitarian funds being channelled to Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, the figures would likely be more polarised.

Funding per affected person to major humanitarian crises, 2003-2011

[Source: Development Initiatives based on UN OCHA FTS, UN OCHA and CRED EM DAT data]

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